"You reap what you sow" : BJP mocks P Chidambaram over #INX Media Case

SUKIRTI MISHRA 06/09/2019 15:45 PM

New Delhi. Making a dig at the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, the Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari mentioned that the Congress heavyweight is facing the consequence of his own deeds in regard to the INX Media and Aircel Maxis cases. "From Chidambaram's case, it can be seen that you reap what you sowed. Everyone should take a lesson from this. Those who will loot the nation will have to face the repercussions of their actions." 

As is evident, ED and CBI had alleged Chidambaram of irregularities in the Foreign Investment Promotion Board clearance given to INX Media to the tune of Rs 305 crore. Meanwhile, the Congress leader Tariq Anwar stated that former Union Minister Chidambaram has become a "victim of a plot", alleging that the BJP is framing Congress leaders in false and fake cases to torture them. 
Tariq Anwar also mentioned, "At a time when P Chidambaram should be more concerned about himself, he is tensed about the country's economy." Karti Chidambaram, the son of P Chidambaram is already out on bail in the INX media case which was granted to him by the Delhi High Court last year.



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