CWC appoints Sonia Gandhi as interim President of Congress

SUKIRTI MISHRA 11/08/2019 10:29 AM

New Delhi. Sonia Gandhi has been designated as the interim President of Congress party by the Congress Working Committee. Her appoitment will remain in effect until organisational elections are conducted to select a new chief but the party did not announce a timeline to hold such internal elections. Sonia's name was finalised after Rahul Gandhi's resignation was accepted by the CWC. Rahul's work during his stint at the party's helm was also appreciated by the CWC. 

According to the previous reports, the name of party president was supposed to be decided on the basis of reports of the five intra party groups that were created earlier in the day. The groups were divided for different regions - northeast, east, north, west, and south - for wider consultations.
However, 3 resolutions were passed during the meeting. First, the appreciation of Rahul Gandhi's work as party chief. The second resolution endorsed Rahul's name as party chief. But when Rahul refused to continue as party president, a third resolution was passed endorsing Sonia Gandhi's name as party's interim chief till the time the new president is elected. 
Evidently, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had previously recused themselves from the selection process saying they cannot be part of the consultations as they have been Congress presidents in the past and would not like the opinion of the party leaders to be influenced in any manner. 



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