Wanna get toned abs? Try out Sushmita Sen's secret!

SUKIRTI MISHRA 22/07/2019 11:56:06

Lucknow. Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen not only has a reputation of being a graceful beauty but is also a renowned fitness diva. The Bollywood sensation stays very conscious regarding her health and fitness. Her work-out snaps with childern often set fitness goals.  Recently, she uploaded a video on her Instagram account performing suspension training, which also is her favorite workout. 
Suspension training is considered a great work out for the whole body every time and has many benefits, like weight loss and body fat management. 

Suspension training proves beneficial in some major ways:

Weight loss management
This exercise is considered excellent for efficient fat-burning as it works the entire body and engages all the core muscles at once. It encourages maximum calorie burn, increases the heart rate, thereby helping in burning more fat. Since doing suspension training requires a good amount of energy, it further aggravates the intensity of your workout, thereby aiding weight loss effectively.  

Core strength building
Core includes abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles, and back. A strong core controls body’s stability, flexibility and balance. Suspension training  helps in strengthening, tone and building the underlying abdominal muscles, resulting in sculpted abs. 

Cardiovascular health improvement
It improves the cardiovascular endurance, while maintaining the heart rate throughout the training session. This helps in improvement of blood circulation and boosting the heart health. Moreover, cardiovascular endurance is also linked to core balance and stability, which is one of the main benefits of suspension training. 




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