"Super 30" hit theaters Vikas Bahl directorial fails to make a mark

SUKIRTI MISHRA 12/07/2019 17:31:35

New Delhi. The much awaited Bollywood movie "Super 30" starring Hrithik Roshan hit the theaters yesterday. The movie script is woven around an inspiring saga of math genius Anand Kumar, who's aimis to change the lives of meritorious yet disadvantaged students, 30 at a time. Though the movie scored brownie points for its rousing tale and fine performaces, the irrelevant drama doses and lengthy show time quashed the
overall impact.


Super 30 opens with Anand's introduction with a flashback. Although his talent has bagged him a position in the prestigious Cambridge, he is not able to make it due to financial crisis. While he frivolously searches for sponsors, his father's death forces him to sell papads made by his mother. Irony smirks at him when his acceptance letter is used as a wrapper for his wares and carelessly thrown into chulha. 
Destiny smiles down upon him when Lallan Singh (Aditya Srivastava) running a coaching centre for IIT aspirants discover him and calls him onboard as a teacher. 
On realising that there are many Anand Kumars out there who cannot achieve their dreams due to financial crisis, Hrithik decides to open a free coaching insti for such deserving students. 
Although Hrithik makes sincere efforts to look convincing, his brown make-up and overall complexion doesn't fit in. Moreover his accent fails to do justice. barring these, Hrithik has delivered an earnest performance. The excess use of melodrama here and there gives an impractical edge to the movie. While the able guidance of Anand Kumar does wonders for his Super 30, Vikah Bahl directed cine drama, Hrithik's Super 30 fails to impress. 




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