Rahul Gandhi in Amethi: Blames local leaders for defeat

SUKIRTI MISHRA 10/07/2019 17:56 PM

Amethi. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi paid a visit to his constituency Amethi for the first time, post losing the Lok Sabha seat. He blamed the local party leaders for the defeat, claiming that the leaders failed to establish communication with the people and establish a rapport. Rahul further added that he will not dump the constituency.


"I will not leave Amethi. It is my home and family," former state Youth Congress chief Nadeem Ashraf Jayasi at a meeting. As per the sources, RaGa told party workers, “The development of Amethi will not be hampered. I am the MP from Wayanad but my ties with Amethi are three decades old. I will fight for Amethi in Delhi.”

Rahul Gandhi has represented Amethi since 1999. In the Lok Sabha Polls 2019, Gandhi suffered defeat in his bastion by the Union Minister Smriti Irani by over 52000 votes.

The workers’ opinion suggested that Congress was weak in the entire district while the participants said the party campaign lacked direction.




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