"Hope Organisation" conducts felicitation ceremony of personality development

SUKIRTI MISHRA 06/07/2019 19:26:06

Lucknow. Regional Science City Lucknow witnessed the felicitation ceremony of “Hope Organisation” on 6th July, 2019. The organisation caters to grooming the personality of students. HOPE is a centre for counselling and personality development, wherein H stands for Health: physical and mental, O stands for openness to be yourself, P stands for positivity in attitude and E stands for enthusiasm in work, relationship and living. 5 students of the academy received letter of appreciation followed by 10 who received certificates.


Dr. Rashmi Soni who is a certified NLP practitioner, yoga therapist and trainer in personality development chaired the ceremony. The who’s who of various fields viz, psychologists, professors and environmentalists graced the occasion and were welcomed by a Tulsi plant. Being the mentor to the students of HOPE, she shed light on the benefits of maintaining positivity in life and inculcating morals in day to day living. She gave tips to the students on ways of improving communication skills and gave guidance on how to manage emotions.

Professor P.K Seth the former CEO of Biotech Park gave a narration on “mind, behaviour and health”. He told success should not be based on position and power but on the individuals’character. He further added that bringing out the best quality in oneself is what everyone should focus upon. He also informed that a child receives his initial learning from mother’s womb so a nice environment for pregnant ladies should be ensured.

S.C Sharma, the secretary general – Clean and Green Environment said that every person should build a creative thinking inside his mind for individual growth.

Mr. Radhe Shyam Dixit, the Resident Editor of News Times shed light on the relevance of sound relations between parents and child. He said it is the responsibility of parents to inculcate high morals and principles among children since birth.  He gave tips to the gathered people on how to improve communication skills.

Informing about the relevance of personality development, Dr. Rashmi Soni told that “knowledge, skills and attitude” are an absolute must for everyone. She also said that “infollution” i.e infiltration of information is dominating the present scenario.



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