"My father taught us terror has no religion" : Hemant Karkare's daughter opens up on Pragya's remark

SUKIRTI MISHRA 28/04/2019 10:59 AM

Lucknow. Jui Navare, the daughter of Hemant Karkare, the former Chief of Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS), Maharashtra, has finally broken silence on the remarks made by the BJP Lok Sabha candidate Sadhvi Pragya. Post being provided BJP ticket from Bhopal, the 2008 Malegaon terror-accused had remarked that the death of Karkare was because she had cursed him. As it is evident that Hemant Karkare was leading the investigation in the Malegaon case. 

Jui Navare while said in an interview, "even in his death he was trying to save his city, his country and that he placed his uniform before his own life and family. I do not want to dignify her or her statement. I only want to talk about Hemant Karkare. He was a role model and his name should be taken with dignity".  

Navare, who is presently settled in the United States is the eldest among Karkare's three children. In October 2008, a month prior to the Mumbai attacks, the Maharashtra ATS under Karkare had arrested 11 people, Pragya Thakur being one among them. 





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