India-Czech Youth Dialogue organised in Delhi to promote youth empowerment

SUKIRTI MISHRA 02/04/2019 18:22:58

Lucknow. Sarthak Prakash Sinha, the student of Lucknow University MBA (travel & tourism) has been appointed as the “Youth Delegate” for the India-Czech Youth Dialogue 2019, organized by the Confederation of Young Leaders and the Embassy of Czech Republic in Delhi on 1st April. Ambassador H.E of Czech Republic, Mr. Milan Hovorka presided over the first Czech Republic Youth Dialogue 2019. Sarthak Prakash has earlier been nominated for the Indian-Botswana Conference also.


The event consisted of an interaction between the Ambassador and the diplomats on emerging relationships between India and Czech Republic. The Youth Dialogue provides immense opportunities to young Indians to learn about the partner country. It aims at providing a great platform for diplomats to understand the vision of young Indians.


It was attended by the ambassadors of both the countries, diplomats and selected youth delegates. The Youth Dialogue would open ways for strengthening Youth-to-Youth partnership, deepen cooperation and broaden development space for youth empowerment.





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