New Zealand: The heavenly paradise on Earth

SUKIRTI MISHRA 25/03/2019 12:06:16

-Prateek Tripathi 

New Delhi. The scenic beauty of natural paradise portrayed in fairy tales, paves way to soothe the exhausted minds of people engaged in the chaos of modern lifestyles. Time constraints restrict our emotions and the mind conceals that mesmerizing time span as a mere out of the world view. The heart of that beauty still exists in some nook of the planet, resembling the playground of the Almighty, located far away under wide clouds devoid of all kinds of avarice. The Almighty delegated the responsibility of safeguarding this high end place to the Maori.


Maoris arguably have been in the service of humanity for the millennium. Taking up the responsibility as the duty of the Almighty, Maoris named it ‘Aotearoa’. Though many centuries have worn on but the duty and beauty still flow together here. Multiple efforts were adopted by expatriates to capture it under their regime but it result in enhancing the culture and embarking new impeccable trades, driving the economy of the land. This far away landmass is a cluster of 600 mini islands. Global peace index, education structure, women’s suffrage issues have never dispirited the inhabitants. This landmass is marked with distinctive features.


The most populous urban area “Auckland” is reminded as the “City of Sails” and “Sky Tower” while Wellington is reminded as “Capital of Cool”, characterised with pure fresh ocean winds and mini museum of Weta Workshop where artifacts of Wellywood’s prominent ‘The Lord of the Ring’s by Sir Peter Jackson resides. The Hobbiton movie set, on the fiction land, The Shire, was gifted by Mr. Jackson as a historical monument. The “Queenstown” in Southern Island, especially famous for its park after dark and ski fields in winters, is the place where lies the heart of New Zealand. The Maoris feel proud in preserving their paradise and it s evident in their National Anthem:  God defend New Zealand and Guard it from shafts of strife and war and categorically, He Grants!





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