Countries where Holi is celebrated with Mud and Rotten eggs

KIRTIKA SIRINETWONG 15/03/2019 18:31:21

New Delhi.This year Holi will be celebrated on 21 March. This day is celebrated with joy and happiness by playing with colors and wishing good luck to each other. But do you know there are many such countries where people don't play with colors but they play with rotten eggs and soil? Lets know about these interesting facts:

La Tomatina- Spain

Bunol a city in Spain where a festival like Holi is celebrated where people play with tomatoes instead of colors. This festival is celebrated from 1945 in Bunol and it is celebrated on last Wednesday of august month. This festival is know so famous that it is celebrated almost everywhere now.


Michigan Annual Mud Day- America

 In Wayne County every year in July ' Mud day' is celebrated where every year children of 12 years of age participate and play some interesting games which includes running in mud and some other competition.


La Merengada Spain

 Villanova i la Geltrú, a small port from Barcelona, every year this festival is celebrated in February, this festival is also known as candy fight festival. In this a pastry made of egg and cream is thrown on each other. This is being celebrated from almost 250 years.


Garma Festival

In Australian north east Arnhem land, it is celebration of the cultural inheritance of yolngu people where they wear colorful dresses and aim at sharing knowledge and culture.


Songkran Thailand

This festival of Thailand is celebrated from 13 to 15 April. It is also celebrated as Thai new year. In this festival people play with water and throw water on everyone, the most interesting thing is that people fill a drum of water and keep it on roadside to throw on people passing by. This festival is mainly celebrated with water and powder.







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