88 years of India's first Talkie film

KIRTIKA SIRINETWONG 15/03/2019 13:04:07

Mumbai. Alam Ara India's first talkie film has completed 88 years on 14, March this year. Alam Ara was directed by Adershir Irani and released on 14 march,1931. In 1913 the first film that came into existence was ' Raja Harishchandra' by Dada Sahab Phalke, this was a silent opus. Through this film India got its first playback singer named Wazir Mohammad Khan, he also acted in the film. Alam Ara had total eight songs in the film, 'De De Khuda Ke Naam Pe' is mentioned as the first song of Indian cinema and also the first hit of Indian cinema.


The movie was released in Majestic Cinema of Mumbai, and to watch this film a huge crowd was accumulated. The crowd was so huge that police had to control the situation. Alam Ara continued to be in a theatre continuously till eight weeks. Prithviraj Kapoor the generator of theatre and great grandfather of Ranbir Kapoor did almost eight movies before the talkie film Alam Ara.

This film was based on Parsi play written by David Joseph, 78 actors recorded their voice for the film. On March 2014, Google dedicated a doodle on 80th anniversary of the film. Although Alam Ara is a milestone for Indian cinema but not even a single print is available according to the National Archive of India.






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