Nirav Modi lands in UK on investor golden visa

SUKIRTI MISHRA 15/03/2019 12:49 PM

London. British government issued “golden visa”- a tier 1, (investor) visa to Nirav Modi. The PNB scam accused Nirav Modi entered United Kingdom on this visa. According to the sources, it is issued to investors outside the European Union on a commitment to invest £2 million in UK government bonds or shares of a company.

It is believed that Nirav Modi flew in from New York towards the end of February after the Rs 13,000 crore  PNB scam had blown up. His passport got revoked in February but the golden visa was issued a few years ago. The sources revealed that visa was issued on Modi’s Indian passport. 15-Mar-2019PZslsPT1gA1
A golden visa holder enjoys the priviledge of working, studying or setting up business in UK. The investment of £2 million is one time and has to remain invested for five years before the visa holder becomes eligible for permanent residency.

Sources have tracked down a jewellery business, named Diamond Holdings that has been linked to the Centre Point London apartment block where Modi is believed to be staying.

Nirav Modi has been on the run from India since January 2018. The Enforcement Directorate has filed a charge sheet, declaring him an economic offender.





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