A 21 year girl who became the billionaire

KIRTIKA SIRINETWONG 11/03/2019 13:35:49

New Delhi. According to the Forbes magazine, the American reality T.V star, a 21-year-old lady Kylie Jenner has become the most youngest billionaire of the world. Three years back in 2015, Kylie Jenner started her makeup line 'Kylie Cosmetic'. According to the Forbes report last year Kylie's company, total sale was around 25 million. She has been listed in a worlds most youngest billionaire as well as, a person who is a self-made billionaire ever by Forbes. The youngest in the Kardarshian-Jenner clan and a Mum of one year old daughter had only one thing to say and that's ' THANK-YOU'. Kylie has one of the largest followings on Instagram, 128 million from a young age was just 10 when Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered in 2007. She never wanted fame and was never happy about being followed by cameras 24/7.


In the last few years, the young Mum also faced lots of struggle in her personal life from dad Caitlyn Jenner transforming from a man to a woman, her relationship being tested with her baby's daddy with allegations of cheating. That's really difficult to handle at the age of 21. The lip kits were not a coincidence, they stemmed from her then-infamous lips, which she’d had plumped with filler at just 16 after a boyfriend of her commented on how thin her lips were. In an interview last month with Paper magazine she said: "People think that I completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false".

The mum, who gave birth to Stormi Webster in February 2018, her daughter with rapper Travis Scott, has previously shut down claims she’s had surgery on her body. She is the one who has stolen the crown from Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg who made it there at the age of 23.



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