Some bark thoroughly, While a few praise wholeheartedly

KIRTIKA SIRINETWONG 10/03/2019 18:43:48


Many a chapter in the course of life fraught with deep emotions- fresh and unhealed corners of heart-do not easily ask for a stage to share some days that had born only for once. It had been never envisaged that a period of constant repentance will knock at the heart not for mistake but for unavailability of no medicines for wounds of the heart. Unavoidable state of affairs, first cry for something that cannot be yours at any cost then goes through ups and downs of emotional breakdown that eventually leads to the teaching “Nobody can fight with sorrow as it will come every now and then. So it’d better make it a companion of happiness and swim in its flow”. As the time wears on, all the tears of emotions mutate into a sense of confidence and courage to share your obnoxious story for the base of motivation of many unguided and unsupervised.

A woman who cooks love daily to be served for others often times according to International Monetary Fund's chief Christine Lagarde, there could be a 27% increase in India’s GDP figure if figures of female participation become similar to that of males. In 2018, World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap index placed India at 108 in 144 analyzed nations that means there are still miles to go before India could reach a favorable status in social, economic and political fields for females. Now the heart wrenching reported cases in various states of India- outraging the pride of females of any age groups- compel us to vomit in sheer disgrace because some heinous assailants treat the feminal beauty  just as the commodity of the dirty marketplaces. It is more dismaying to see when National Crime Records Bureau’s 2016 crime stats depicts that 95% offenders of rape cases are known to victims. The story grows viler when there are many unreported cases just because that could not endure the payment that comes with the rising of voice against some powerful perpetrators, and in some cases due to unavailability of the stiff and efficient investigation. The obnoxious tasting under-cooked feminism inks unsung stories that get smothered with continuous stream of maudlin emotions devoid of any courage to share. get strangled by the paucity of the same love in return. Though she manages a joint family, presence of emotions in her snatches every chance to validate her aptitude for corporate. Ironically,

At speech on Feminism by Emma Watson, she quoted “If not me, who? If not now, when?” She drove mettle and perseverance home for the women who perceive themselves underdog just because they are afraid to be smart. Women in different walks of life strive to make impressive stride after encompassing various challenging obstacles; their attitude that every challenge is surmountable give them a conducive milieu. In the rise of entrepreneurship nowadays faces of steadfast women illuminate future prospects of society. Nonetheless, challenges and complications in the path compel some to get away from path to share story before audience while some unflinching women even going through rough patch eventually sail through like Mary Kom, Mother Teresa etc.

Follow your heart religiously,

Though I Know Completely,

Some bark thoroughly,

While a few praise wholeheartedly

Six times world champion, a passionate athlete Mary Kom had no support, no opportunity, no sponsors backing her for most her career but she resolutely persisted to give proof that she can do. Belonging to North-East region of India, before marriage she even didn’t get a proper mentor to give her the righteous path to follow and after marriage even the mother of two kids she have not let the course of sportsmanship in her to run its course. Ah, she certainly deserves a bow from the confident hope of incubating women of tomorrow. Emotions shall not be a cause of crying instead it should be a base of better rise because unhealed heart gives impetus to your growth engine and once it’s healed there is only history to be discussed. Muniba Mazari, a Pakistani artist, lost her ability to stand and walk, and subsequently she was divorced by her husband. She cried, cried a whole ocean but when she found there was no one to put price tag on her continuous stream of tears, she let her emotions to travel the sphere of creativity to depict her emotions in visual canvas. The day came when she was named National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan and, she started to a constant base of inspiration for those women who find themselves in the shoes of hers. Her saying “When you accept yourself the way you are, the world recognizes you” validate that better understanding of yourself leads to better realization of your success. So get healed because if your perseverance does not seek any limitations, your success breaks all restrictions.

- Prateek Tripathi


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